Training for a Sprint Duathlon… The Beginning

After writing for the CFA exam in June 2012 I hadn’t exercised in about 6 weeks so I decided to start getting active again. I started with a goal to work out 3 days per week at home. My schedule really only permits me to work out in the morning before everyone wakes up so that means the alarm goes off at 5am. My goal was to get in 20 minutes each day. Sounded simple to me. 20 minutes isn’t very long and I should be able to get in a bit of a work out. The goal: just to stay healthy. I noticed that I struggled to get in to good condition for mountain biking. When I went out biking which wasn’t very often I always hurt a lot afterwards. This year I turned 30 and I asked for a trainer to hook my bike on to. I started using it once a week for cardio rather than running as it was easier in my joints and was still a great workout. Once every week or two I would hop on my bike for 20 mins and work out on my upper body 2 days a week.
After reading a triathlon magazine I became inspired by the “multisport” challenge that triathlons offered. The idea of training for not one but three sports and combining them all in one competition felt really appealing to me. The only problem is that I couldn’t swim front stroke for any length of time and even with 3 sessions in the lake I realized that I needed some serious coaching to improve my technique in order to go the distance required. I started looking around to see what my options were and came across a duathlon. Perfect, I can run and bike and combine them together.
So with 8 weeks to go until the race I started to run and work on my biking a bit. I started doing 8-12k bike rides, interval bike sessions of 30 mins and running 5k the other mornings. Still only 3 to 4 days per week at 30 mins per workout.
With 4 weeks to go I’ve come up with a plan to do 5 days per week of heavy training and one easy exercise/stretching morning with Sundays being completely off. The plan is to do:
Mon-run intervals 400m fast/200m recovery for 30 mins
Tues-bike intervals 2mins fast/ 1min recovery for 30 mins = 10 cycles
Wed-bike easy 15 mins stretch for 20 mins
Thurs-run5k to work on quickening up race time sprints after.
Friday-bike 20k focus on increasing avg speed
Saturday-BRICK training.
BRICK trainings are when you combine more than one sport such as biking then running. It’s popular to do a moderate bike then immediately go for a run to get used to running on tired and stressed out legs.

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