Training for a Sprint Duathlon… Training Days – Aug 14, 2012

Did some intervals yesterday and today.
Yesterday I woke up late… Went to bed way too late so it was a short workout. A quick jog to the school where I did some timed laps. The goal was to do 1 lap (400m) sprint then a half lap light jog to recover. So it started out great. First lap 1:30 without pushing too crazy. The only problem was that there were two black labs that kept wanting to say hi. Very cute but not helping my times. I figure okay next lap I’ll pick it up. Next lap comes 1:28 … The labs again. This continued for the next three laps: run, slow to not set off over affectionate dog, finish strong but disappointed with my time. Then the dogs leave and I figure I’ve got one good lap in me. So off I go and 3/4 through the lap a big white dog comes up to me and wants to play. This just wasn’t my training day. Oh well it’ll be an easier recovery than if I’d had good laps. Best time was 1:25 and that was sprinting. Guys qualifying for the olympic 5k run are doing an avg lap of 1:10 or better and that’s their avg time for 12.5 consecutive laps. Their last lap will be even quicker. Thats crazy fast. Anyone running laps close to 1:15? What’s your 5k times?
Today was bike intervals. 2 minutes sprint with one minute recovery at a slow pace. Lather, rinse, repeat. The sprints I could really feel the burning in my legs. I knew it was only 2 mins so I gave it all I had. I’d start out at 38-40kmh for about the first 15 seconds and then my legs would still be pushing as hard but would then taper off to 35 kmh. After one min they would only be able to bike at 32kmh. Then the break came and that one min seems to fly by so quick. The sprints seemed to last forever. And now my legs are killing me. I was only doing the intervals for 20 mins so I got in 7 sprints(3min cycles). With a 3 minute warm up, quick stretch and 3 minute cool down with a quick stretch that was 30 mins. Time for a glass of OJ for some sugar and off to get ready for the day. Had to let some really cold water cool off my legs in the shower for a bit… although sitting on the train, starting to cramp up, I realize that it was only a temporary relief.
I think I lost the hr data for the bike. I didn’t check the hr info for the run intervals as I didn’t think it would be very useful.
Tomorrow is supposed to be a rest day. I may do a 5k run instead depending on how recovery from today goes. I’m going to try an take lap data for all the laps tomorrow.
The guy sitting next to me on the GO train smells like Nathan’s diaper.

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