Training for a Sprint Duathlon… Training Days – Aug 9 & 10, 2012

Aug 9-thurs-5k run. Time =23:30 and felt like I could go faster but couldn’t hold on to a quicker pace. Was tired at the end but thought I had more in me. I ran out of time and wasn’t able to do sprints at the end. I got out of bed about 10 mins later than I was hoping. Every minute in the morning is crucial. The only problem is that if I get out of bed quickly and I’m still asleep then I end up banging in to the walls and am really loud which will wake up the kid and then my whole workout is shut down. Oh well it’s nice to see him for a while in the mornings anyways.

Found out that the winner at a previous sprint duathlon ran it in 17 mins, bike in 30 mins and final sprint in 9 mins. At current pacing this will put me around 20th out of 41. The winner was pacing at 40km/hr bike and I’m pacing about 31 km/hr. Having said that he is on a cycling team and at a 5k run of 17 mins he’s one heck of a runner too.

Aug 10-Friday- 20k bike. Avg speed 31km/h. Time 38:30
Avg hr 155
Peak hr 169
Spent 31.5 minutes at an avg of 158 hr
Broken to 5k segments in order:
1. 9:13 avg hr 146
2. 9:33 avg hr 157
3. 10:03 avg hr 156
4. 9:38 avg hr 161
Warning… this part ain’t pretty…
Perceived effort:
1. Seemed reasonably hard but not sustainable. Started to moderately perspire. Breathing was pretty heavy. Averaged about 34kmh.
2. Started to really labour. Felt serious burning in my quads as I tried to keep my previous pace. I had to ease off the difficulty of pedal and cycle a bit faster (but easier) to keep a 30kmh pace a couple of times. By this point I’m sweating a lot and breathing is moderate. I started to feel like my muscles couldn’t keep up with my lungs. My lungs felt good to go but the lactic acid build up was holding me back.
3. Had to ease off the pace quite a bit. Did half in a harder gear at a slower pace and half in an easier gear with a higher cadence. I had some sub 30kmh times as I tried to keep up. I did some standing to try an use some different muscles and let the lactic acid clear out a bit. Obviously this was my worst segment time wise. I started to seriously sweat here and was dripping by this point. My towel was starting to get soaked. Drops of sweat were hitting the floor and dripping down my arms on to the handle bars which was making them slippery. I tried to focus on smooth leg movements making circles rather than just pushing down on the peddles. I tried to limit the sideways sway of the bike to increase efficiency.
4. I was still sweating profusely and started to pick up the pace. The burn was a lot but not as bad as segment two. The burning was consistent however I knew that it was the last 5k and psychologically I wasn’t as concerned about being able to complete it. I knew that I could give 95% and save the last 5% extra effort for the last km with even more effort in the last 500m. I was starting to really hurt at this point and was just trying to keep my pace above 33 kmh. I hit about 34 in the beginning and them bounced between 32-34kmh. I think that every time I dropped in pace that when I gave it that extra effort to get the pace back up a bit that my legs were getting a quick shot of lactic acid. It always felt harder after a bump up in pace but even when maintaining the pace the burn would taper off a bit. The last km was brutal and didn’t know how much more I could do at this pace. Last 500m I was competing with myself to see if I would give up and that’s when I felt the aggression come out as I didn’t want to be “beaten” by my physical limitations.
5. Recovery- Spent five minutes of easy light riding to keep the blood circulating while my body started to clean out the lactic acid. Started to feel much better and started to cool down. Heart rate fell to about 120 bpm quickly from the 165 bpm that I was doing in the home stretch.
Some light long stretching. Off for a cup of orange juice for some much needed sugar and a cold shower. On the way out of the house I grab a protein shake 30g protein and two pieces of bread with cheese wiz. Still love the cheese wiz.
I’ll be sure to stretch throughout the day and drink mega amounts of water. Also lots of food today too.
First time doing a brick workout tomorrow. You think it’s too soon after a long ride? I’ll have to see how I feel. Aiming for 5k run followed immediately by 20k bike. Hoping for quick 22 min timing on the run. Pacing on the bike should be slower around 30kmh so do it in 40 mins.
Sunday is a rest day.

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