Training for a Sprint Duathlon… Training Days – Aug 19, 2012

Did a trial race today. I took times after each lap, transition, every 5k and again for the last 2.5k.

1. 1:39, 146
2. 1:49, 160
3. 1:52, 160
4. 1:51, 162
5. 1:52, 163
6. 1:53, 162
7. 1:47, 164
8. 1:56, 164
9. 1:56, 162
10. 1:55, 163
11. 1:58, 164
12. 1:59, 163
Sub total: 22:32

13. 2:43, 161

14. 4:13, 142

15. 9:11, 148
16. 10:19, 148
17. 10:37, 144
18. 10:15, 146

2:58, 137

11:10, 155

Overall this workout felt really good. I didn’t try to push myself too much and just paced it. The first run was the hardest as that’s reflected in my crappy lap times. No thoughts on how to fix this or improve. The second run was at the same pacing. Perhaps some intervals and longer runs will help? I really have no idea.

The bike I took it easy as I recently read about “bonking” which is where your body is totally depleted and you are forced to stop. I’ll definitely have to pick up the pace a bit. I’d like to see me struggle more on the second run or push harder now that I know what 1.5hrs of solid aerobic exercise feels like.

My muscles were a bit sore but where I really noticed it the most is in my lungs. The next day felt really crappy to breathe. By Tuesday it was gone.

Monday I did a short 15 min moderate bike with 20 mins of stretching and plank exercises with some hip exercises.

Tuesday was a fun run. I just ran for 30 mins and didn’t worry about pacing or even count laps. Although when I’m used to measuring everything down to heart beat it was an odd and nice feeling. I focused on keeping my head up, trying to feel light and having a short time of contact with my foot and the ground at each step. I watched the sun come up over Newmarket and felt the warm air rolling in from the east. It was a nice run and really enjoyed it.

Last week I felt really drained and thought I might have been getting sick and that’s why I took it easy on Thursday and Friday.

Wednesday I did bike intervals. 2 min hard, 1 min recovery. Pacing was about 37kmh. I didn’t feel like I was killing it but was definitely giving a lot. By the end of each 2 mins my legs were burning. The whole point of this workout is to improve my muscles’ ability to remove lactic acid from the muscles that are being used.

After the workout I felt like I should have pushed it harder. However after showering and heading to work an hour and a half later I realize that my legs are now burning again and will have a long day recovering ahead.

Another breakfast of toast with peanut butter, 250ml milk with protein powder. Around 9 I’ll eat again and again at noon and 3. Trying for 2-3 pieces of fruit per day.


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