I am a NINJA triathlete

Every morning I move in stealth (to not wake up my household) while heading from my bed to my workout. I am learning to move in silence, to hold my breathe and exhale at just the right moment, to open my gel pack without a sound, to run the tap to fill my glass without the sound of water and to open and close doors without evidence I was even there.

I am a Ninja triathlete.

4:50am the alarm goes off… Quietly. I have the alarm turned down so much I can barely hear it and it won’t disturb my wife. I get up without moving the bed and slide on my work out clothing. Not easy when it’s Lycra or a fitted Under Armour shirt and if not executed correctly it makes that “slap” sound.

Negotiate the bedroom door without waking my 11 month old. If he wakes up the workout is blown. Workout is over before it even began.

I live in a 30 yr old dojo so everything creeks. I negotiate the stairs so slowly it looks like I’m doing tai chi, pausing every few steps to listen while holding my breath, no crying from the kid – okay to continue. Out the door for the run or off to the pool at 5:00am making sure the door makes no noise when opening and closing. Phew I made it this far. I even tie up my shoe laces outside the house so I don’t risk making any noise.

Like any swim, bike or run, until you’re back at home or in transition the mission isn’t over. One last thing to do and that’s sneak back in and shower without waking anyone up. Although if the kid does wake up I’m okay with it because he’s really cute and I miss him.

    Characteristics of a Ninja:

•Decide on a set of ideas, morals and philosophies that you can truly live by.
Live life to the fullest every day. Train hard.

•Silence is a valuable asset.
There’s no one to talk to on my morning run intervals or bike. It’s silent by default.

•Never publicize that you’re a ninja.
I’m only telling the people who read my blog.

•Learn how to move stealthy.
Or else the kid wakes up! Duh.

Intervals, running 20k before work or 40k on the bike before 6am THAT’S FEARLESS!

•Know how to escape.
There is no escaping, it’s what I love.

•Learn to control people by words and nonviolent influence.
I’m failing miserably at this, my 11 month old can’t speak and he has me doing exactly what he wants… And NO it’s not reciprocal.

•Master self control.
I think I can, I think I can. Getting out of my comfy bed while everyone else is sleeping peacefully to trade that for a run in the dark cold of winter and rain? Check.

•Feed your mind.
Let’s face it, training is an art and a science. We only improve physically if we can analyze what we’re doing and find new ways to improve. It’s evolution baby.

•Practice meditation.
Lots of time to think on a 3hour bike or 2hour run.

•Know what a ninja needs- skills, equipment and weaponry.
We train for 3 sports and the new technology that’s out there is making everyone even faster. Tri suit, wetsuit, goggles, tri bike, tri bike shoes, laces, helmet, tech to monitor hr, cadence, pacing, run shoes, glasses, nutrition is endless. The list goes on for ever.

Good luck ninjas!

The general who wins the battle makes many calculations in his temple before the battle is fought. The general who loses makes but few calculations beforehand.
–Sun Tzu, The Art of War


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