There Aren’t Enough O’s in Smoooooth

Day and night. My training life has just been transformed. Over the last month I’ve acquired some pretty sweet gear (by my standards anyways). I picked up a 2007 Louis Garneau TT 8.8 Carbon bike, some Tri Speed Louis Garneau shoes and some Speedplay X2 pedals.

Before I go any further here’s a picture of my new rocket ship:


To get an idea of the “before” image like a Jenny Craig infomercial here’s my old chariot:


So yes, I used a mountain bike with some road slicks to do a duathlon last year but it was enough to get me hooked.

The difference between my rides? The peddling smoothness is incredible. The mountain bike you knew that you were peddling. The LG feels like I’m just moving my feet. The seat? Mountain bikes have saddles that are not meant to be sat on. They’re very narrow and hard. 1.5 hrs on it does not feel so nice “down there”. The LG saddle is slightly wider and has some padding which was a welcome relief to my first two hour ride ever on the trainer.

Having my shoes clipped in to the peddles were amazing. Everything just flows. No choppiness. The Speedplays were easy to get in and out of. I actually think that getting in was harder than disengaging the shoes. They never popped out accidentally. The amount of float was unreal. Granted I’ve only tried the X2’s so I don’t have anything to compare to but I have absolutely no complaints. My knees and ankles felt great afterwards.

The shoes were great. As I pedaled I could feel the air getting to my feet which was great. This will help to keep them dry and cool in a race. Nothing worse than wet feet… and heat just ices the cake. They strapped me in very securely in all the right places and were very accomodating to both bare foot and with socks.

My legs were sore but not injury sore. With battling my plantar fasciitis my foot felt great the whole time whereas with running shoes and regular pedals the foot would be sore but manageable. This time, pain free. The weird thing is that the other foot was a little sore. Strange.

Gear wise that’s it for now.

Happy cycling.

Monday workout: 30 min swim (100’s)


2 thoughts on “There Aren’t Enough O’s in Smoooooth

  1. Congrats on the upgrade my friend! It is a sweet looking bike. One word of caution on the pedals. This will probably happen to you at least once before you get it seared into your mind…. Beware stopping on a hill, slope of any kind because if you clip out the wrong foot, gravity will take care of smashing you to the ground. Its super lame, luckily I did it alone so it wasn’t embarrassing. Good luck this year!

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