Buying Triathlon Equipment

I’d like to take a minute to talk about the sales process. One of the really cool things about triathlon is the kit, meaning all the expensive equipment we buy to do these races. For some buying and playing with the new toys is as much fun as actually doing triathlons. So when I went to my local store and compared it with some other experiences I’ve had I found that there are two ends to the spectrum. There are two types of sales.

First there is the type that will sell you a product because they want a sale, want revenue and caring about matching your need to their product is secondary in their priorities. I don’t like talking to these types of people, I never get a product that I’m happy with and I always feel ripped off even if I wasn’t.

Second type is a sales person that will try and satisfy your need with their product first. They understand that even if they don’t sell you a product now that you’ll come back later because of the service and advice. Selling a bad product to someone or recommending a product even though it isn’t what they’re looking for only breeds unhappiness and is a sure way to loose repeat business.

So when I went to Spoke O Motion in Newmarket, Ontario to ask about pedals and general tri stuff I found a very helpful and sincere sales staff. I explained that I had a used bike in mind and that I needed some pedals. The sales person took the time to explain the differences between all the pedals, explain what float means and the misconception about contact space. We talked a bit about bikes themselves and explained his personal preference in bikes and pedals but wasn’t pushy. I appreciate personal preferences backed up with explanations. I’m a logic driven person and everything lined up.

After our conversation I went home and thought about my options for a while. I did quite a large amount of research and looked for as much user feedback as I could. Everything the sales person had told me was consistent with what I found. I appreciated the honest opinion, non-pushy, welcoming style that made me want to go back.

As it turned out the sales person I was talking to was the owner Myles. Myles has won numerous races and is quite accomplished in the racing world. So he definitely knows what he’s talking about but would the next person I talk to be as knowledgeable? Well I was pleasantly surprised when I went in the next time. Same situation, friendly staff.

My point about sharing this story is don’t let yourself be steam rolled by high pressure sales and search until you find the right product for you. Be sure to find a place where you can trust their input. After all you work hard for your money.

I will definitely check out Spoke O Motion first next time I’m looking for a product.


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