Keep the Training Plan Flexible.

As life gets in the way of my well intentioned schedule I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE ANY TRAINING PLAN WITHOUT NOTICE. Well that’s my new disclaimer to myself. As I gear up for the 2013 race season my plans have been slower than I had wanted – but that’s not a bad thing.

I’ve set out a training plan for myself however I’m only using it as a guideline this year. Flexibility is my motto for 2013 both figuratively and physically. As I’m still a little fatigued from surgery, the kid has had some rough nights and I’ve wanted to spend some more time with my wife so we’ve been talking and going to bed later. All of these things make 5am a little harder. More importantly they make the day longer. With that in mind I’m taking a gradual approach to my training and will ease back in to it. I’m not worrying if 5am doesn’t happen but maybe 5:30 will. So I only get in the bike workout without a core workout after. So I only get in the swim without the run. That’s okay to me.

I was only taking one rest day per week before and now I’ve added in a second. I’m hoping that the added recovery time will do more to let my body catch up with the demands that I put on it. The goal: Longevity. Nothing is worse than an injury. Still fighting with my plantar fasciitis is a constant reminder that I need to not over do it and remember that I’m still a beginner. Taking rest days to sleep in a little or have a stretch morning can be hugely beneficial.

This morning turned out to be a bike session with single leg drills and big chain work for 25 mins which isn’t very much but it’s better than nothing and I needed the sleep. As I tell myself: I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE ANY TRAINING PLAN WITHOUT NOTICE.

Here’s to longevity.

Happy Training.


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