Tobogganing is Harder as a Parent


I remember the days when I used to spend hours on the hills with my friends. Playing, horsing around. We were totally exhausted at the end of the day. We were wet, cold, boots full of snow but we didn’t care. We used to ride down side by side and try to push each other off. We would also build ramps and try to catch some air. Sometimes they worked, other times

we would just crash in to them rather than slide over top like we were hoping.

One particular place we used to go had a little creek at the bottom. After going down the hill that wasn’t near the creek we got bored and decided to push our imagination. We built a ramp on one side of the creek hoping that it would help us fly over it and land on the other side. We managed to almost make it over a couple of times.

My brother was always the daring one out of the two of us. He went back on New Years day when he was about 12 years old with his friend while I was at home having breakfast. His friend came running back and said that my brother had hurt himself. My brother had attempted to jump the creek again but the GT got stuck on the ramp and he went head first over the creek in to the embankment. We spent the entire day at the hospital. He turned out to have only slightly injured himself but his posture has always been slightly off ever since.

The fun when we were kids was sheer panic and worry by mom I’m sure. As I took my 14 month old tobogganing with me this last weekend I hope that he’s always safe and never has any of those close calls. I know that’s an unreasonable request but I’m going to ask it anyways.

When I look back I see the fun that we had I remember not wanting to leave even as it was dark. This last weekend seemed harder to me as I had to walk up the hill, carry the toboggan(as I had to back in the day) but now I had to also carry my son up the hill too. I wrote that down as cross training and did it happily. Our niece who also came along ran out of steam right as we were leaving and had to be enticed with a hot chocolate to get her up the last hill. I felt like the ultimate Tim Horton’s commercial: tobogganing followed by hot chocolate and donuts. I felt like a stereotypical Canadian.

Is it me or is it harder to tobbagan these days? That’s Nathan in the picture above.


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