Mid Winter Update: Triathlon Training

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post. As the winter has decided to actually show up this year compared to years previous, I thought it would be a great opportunity to take a break from training intensely and let my body rest. I took about three weeks off completely in December, got more sleep, continued stretching and didn’t care what I ate. Granted my eating considerations are different from the majority of people out there. I’m usually more concerned with making sure that I get enough calories and that I’m balancing out my diet with fruits and veggies. My focus on my break was to let any planning go and rest my mind too. If I’m being honest my guilty pleasure is Taco Bell. The value combo and upgrade the fries to a Fries Supreme is the best $5.65 CAD that I’ll ever spend and I kept going back. I can’t help it.

I’ve been resting my foot which has been bothering me for over a year with plantar fasciitis and it’s helped but still gives me issues. The Straasburg sock helps a lot. I haven’t run or biked in a couple of months but have been using weights and swimming a fair bit.

The weights have been great to bulk up a bit and improve my overall strength. I only do circuit training that gives a balanced workout of body parts. I do a weight circuit one or two days a week and a body weight circuit once a week. Yep that’s push-ups, chin-ups, pull ups, dips, sit-ups etc. I’m very happy with the progress there and has definitely lowered my likelihood of injuries. Plus it’s helpful for when the I get asked to help move furniture.

Swimming I’ve made great strokes on. I couldn’t swim to the other side of the pool before having to stop. That was a year ago October, about 15 months ago, and now and can swim 1,000 meters continuously. Full disclosure, aside from inner tubes at the lazy river, I have no competitive swimming background. It is largely self taught and my main resource has been the water bloggers. They have helped me build a technique and improve to the point I’m now at. They gave me a beginner plan and have been swimming about twice a week. I also used the new book Triathletes Swim First.

Being self taught you need to be highly critical of yourself and and never let yourself relax in to complacency. Honestly it’s exhausting but it also tickles the intellectual side of me too. But hey, we can be led to water but we have to want to drink if we want hydration.

I’m building a workout room and will be setting up a treadmill and my Kinetix Rock and Roll for my bike. Hopefully that’ll be done in the next few weeks and can ease back in to the running and biking.

In the mean time it’s R&R plus a different pace than I will have come triathlon season. That’ll be when the long distances come back and intervals become the norm. But more about that later.

Happy Training.


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