Keep the Training Plan Flexible.

As life gets in the way of my well intentioned schedule I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE ANY TRAINING PLAN WITHOUT NOTICE. Well that’s my new disclaimer to myself. As I gear up for the 2013 race season my plans have been slower than I had wanted – but that’s not a bad thing.

I’ve set out a training plan for myself however I’m only using it as a guideline this year. Flexibility is my motto for 2013 both figuratively and physically. As I’m still a little fatigued from Continue reading


Setting Race Goals: add items that are not racing to the list

After setting up the races I want for next year and discussing them with my wife, she reminded me that I had a very busy year planned.

I thought about it and disagreed a little. I thought three races isn’t that much. They’re all about 6-8 weeks apart and it’s only three races!?!? She pointed out that I just had surgery (right parotid gland had a benign tumor removed) Jan 21 and I’m also writing my level 3 CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) in June which is the hardest set of exams I’ve ever written. They have a 40% pass rate for the first two levels.

This wasn’t really to brag but to look at my life holistically. I’ll be adding to my race roll both the surgery and exam. After all, stresses come from all areas of life and all must be thought of. When I look back on 2013 I’ll see everything that I’ve accomplished and be proud of it all and not just my tri efforts.

By the way, this is a great article about planning races in a family/relationship friendly way. Way to go Chad!

Chad’s blog is

Tips for beginners

One of our fellow bloggers Tina had asked me if I have any tips for beginners. Well with my beginning so fresh in mind I thought she had a great idea. Here’s my take on what worked and what didn’t work for me leading up to my first race:

Firstly I’d like to discuss the aggressiveness of the training plan. You might say what? Training plan? but I’ll come back to that. The only thing worse than not being prepared for a race is getting injured and potentially not racing. In my opinion it’s better to train a little lighter leading up to the race than not being able to race. One week before the race I had just pulled a hamstring and my ankle was starting to hurt. I was suffering from over training.

Prepare for torrential rain AND nice weather. My race day was Continue reading

Why do you train?

What am I chasing? What is it that I’m trying to do? Sure I have goals to complete a half ironman but what’s the bigger picture. Why do I REALLY do this? Why do you train? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

While on my Kinetic bike trainer the other day it came to me! I was watching Band if Brothers (crossroads episode) and it connected the dots for me. In the episode there were two officers briefing each other, walking along a railroad track that was within their friendly lines. A sentry yells out “HALT!” and before they could answer he opens fire on them killing one of the officers with friendly fire.

This scene outlined the importance of being well trained, disciplined and an importance to always know what’s going on. Mistakes aren’t just things we get scolded for they’re more than that. They’re what happens when Continue reading

I am a NINJA triathlete

Every morning I move in stealth (to not wake up my household) while heading from my bed to my workout. I am learning to move in silence, to hold my breathe and exhale at just the right moment, to open my gel pack without a sound, to run the tap to fill my glass without the sound of water and to open and close doors without evidence I was even there.

I am a Ninja triathlete.

4:50am the alarm goes off… Quietly. I have the alarm turned down so much I can barely hear it and it won’t disturb my wife. I get up without moving the bed and slide on my work out clothing. Not easy when it’s Lycra or a fitted Under Armour shirt and if not executed correctly it makes that “slap” sound.

Negotiate the bedroom door without waking my 11 month old. If he wakes up the workout is blown. Workout is over before it even began.

I live in a 30 yr old dojo so Continue reading