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I do NOT get any compensation from these guys just to let you know. I had to order a bunch of supplements and I hate how expensive they can be. I checked about 3 stores and numerous online sites. I came across several online, found and started looking in to them. I’m skeptical of online businesses because how do you know they actually exist? How do you know you’ll receive the products you ordered etc. If there’s a problem how is their customer service?

After checking all the reviews I decided to take the plunge and give a shot. I ordered on a Wednesday at 2:30pm figuring that they would ship it out the next day. Next thing I know I got an email from Canada Post saying that my package is on the way. It arrived Monday morning. For a pretty large box to arrive in 3 business days was impressive. What’s even more impressive is that for any order over $49, shipping is free. They gave me $10 off my first order since it was my first time and also threw in a free sample of my choice.

That’s not even the best part. It was incredibly cheap compared to everywhere else. I saved about $20 just on the products alone plus the $10 so that’s $30 in savings. I got the products in three days and didn’t even pay for shipping. That’s 21% cheaper than everywhere else!

I ordered a liver flush and kidney flush by Omega Alpha for 17.99 each and everywhere else I checked they were 24.99. I order some PH strips for $2 less than everywhere else and some Lecithin for $3 less.

However I must say favourite part was that the order had a hand written note saying: Thanks for the great order, Christian.

Bottom line, this place saves money and ships quick. I was so impressed I had to spread the word. gets my vote!

Happy training.


Tobogganing is Harder as a Parent


I remember the days when I used to spend hours on the hills with my friends. Playing, horsing around. We were totally exhausted at the end of the day. We were wet, cold, boots full of snow but we didn’t care. We used to ride down side by side and try to push each other off. We would also build ramps and try to catch some air. Sometimes they worked, other times

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Keep the Training Plan Flexible.

As life gets in the way of my well intentioned schedule I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE ANY TRAINING PLAN WITHOUT NOTICE. Well that’s my new disclaimer to myself. As I gear up for the 2013 race season my plans have been slower than I had wanted – but that’s not a bad thing.

I’ve set out a training plan for myself however I’m only using it as a guideline this year. Flexibility is my motto for 2013 both figuratively and physically. As I’m still a little fatigued from Continue reading