The Morning Birds Sing

The morning birds. We slept with the window open last night because the weather was nicer. I woke up five minutes before my alarm at 5:10am to the sound of the morning birds singing. These were the happy ones (not seagulls) singing some sort of happy song. Well that’s how I heard it anyways. After a few minutes I got out of bed and went down stairs, got dressed and went outside. It was quiet and my neighbourhood wasn’t awake yet. No dog walkers this morning. Just me and slightly warmer weather than I was expecting which was such a nice surprise. I had a short run scheduled and I stuck to the plan.

The run was quiet and I tried to focus on technique: quick turnover, tight lower abs, lean in to the run, slow it down. However the more I ran the less I thought about technique and my mind drifted off in to peacefulness. A sort of calm that makes me feel balanced and a feeling that I can take with me for the rest of the day. 20 minutes
later I’m back on my street and walking towards my house. I look at my neighbours’ houses and see that only a few have started to wake up.

As I stretched outside my front door and listened to the birds I watched a little bunny rabbit hop away from me, it, looking back periodically as if I had disrupted its morning routine. I felt lucky to have seen the bunny because I don’t think many people get the chance to see a bunny before work. As simple as that sounds, it has meaning to me. The morning birds sang and I finished stretching, push-ups and planks. I stood there for a minute soaking it all in.

I think this is one of my own ways to smell the roses. To stand outside and be happy for no reason or was there really a reason? I believe there was a reason to be happy, grateful for the opportunity to be outside smelling the fresh air, listening to the sounds of nature. Forgetting everything else as if I was tucked back in bed but out there to be apart of it and live the moment. It’s similar to when I take a few minutes to look at my wife when she doesn’t know I’m watching her and truly appreciate her for the amazing person she is and all the joy she brings me. It’s when I sit back and watch my son play and explore and how great it is to watch him grow and learn and to be apart of it. This morning I smelled the roses.

As the snow is now gone I look forward to more moments like this. Moments when the morning birds sing.

Happy Training


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