An Interesting Mind: My Brother

My brother has always had an interesting mind. He’s decided to learn to swim so I’ve been talking to him about it. When I showed my blog about how I learned to swim (Sink or Swim) he said he liked it and had a follow up thought:

“I was also thinking I should learn to swim for when the Zombie apocalypse happens. I don’t think that zombies can swim well. We should be safe on the water. Lol.”

Scott, you kill me. Thanks for being you and making me laugh (and thinking outside the box).

Happy Training.


VitaMart does it again

Same story second order: saved a tonne of money, super fast shipping and very happy with my products! Highly recommended. - WordPress


I do NOT get any compensation from these guys just to let you know. I had to order a bunch of supplements and I hate how expensive they can be. I checked about 3 stores and numerous online sites. I came across several online, found and started looking in to them. I’m skeptical of online businesses because how do you know they actually exist? How do you know you’ll receive the products you ordered etc. If there’s a problem how is their customer service?

After checking all the reviews I decided to take the plunge and give a shot. I ordered on a Wednesday at 2:30pm figuring that they would ship it out the next day. Next thing I know I got an email from Canada Post saying that my package is on the way. It arrived Monday morning. For a pretty large box to arrive in 3…

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Running With Gravity

I want to share what I’ve learned so far when it comes to running. The most important thing I’ve learned is that we don’t spend enough time on technique. Swimming is a HIGHLY technical sport. Cycling is also technical. When it comes to running a lot of us beginners only think of running as a pair of shoes and some miles that we’re supposed to put behind us. That’s okay perhaps on shorter runs for health and leisure say up to 5k twice a week but more than that and your asking for trouble. What kind of trouble? I’m talking about overuse injuries from going to hard too quickly. In my opinion running is the most dangerous of the three triathlon sports. It’s also the one I love the most.

Sharing what I’ve learned is one of the ways that makes me feel good. There are a number of people out there who have a thirst or in my case a strong desire for knowledge. That’s the reason I read a lot of articles, research and stories about people’s experience. Now that I’m focused on triathlon I’ve dedicated my spare time, when I’m not tending to my family, working or studying for the CFA exam in June, to learning about all things triathlon.

My approach to life is simple: Do the hard things first. Find out my weaknesses and improve them. Never accept that what I’m doing is good enough, absolute or right. Never accept that the way I do things is good enough, absolute or right. Never believe that I know everything. When I’ve started something finish it. When it comes close to the end FINISH STRONG!

As I get older I have learned a couple of lessons. One that I learned over the past year was

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Curing Plantar Fasciitis


Has anyone cured Plantar Fasciitis? Please share your story. For me I’ve been dealing with it for 5 months and counting.

It started just after my first ever duathlon last fall. About a month after the race I was still training and training harder than before the race. I was training 6 or 7 mornings a week. I introduced a lot more speed work to my runs such as intervals and hills.

I started to notice a bit of tenderness under my left foot near my arches. It was only a mild discomfort and I thought it might have been how I was resting my feet at work. I thought I was pushing in to the arches and that was causing them to be sore. I decided to wait it out and give it a couple of days to see if it went away. In the mean time I would be conscious of how my feet were at work.

I did a pretty intense hill repeat workout and that’s when the pain really started to happen. I did 30 mins of just hill repeats on a nearby hill that’s about 800m and at a 40 degree grade. During the workout I didn’t experience any discomfort but afterwards

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