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My site is now 5amFitness.ca because most of my workouts start at 5am for an hour or two. Family, work, everything else happens in the other 22 hours.

Nothing changing for my existing subscribers. Thanks for everyone’s continued interest.


There Aren’t Enough O’s in Smoooooth

Day and night. My training life has just been transformed. Over the last month I’ve acquired some pretty sweet gear (by my standards anyways). I picked up a 2007 Louis Garneau TT 8.8 Carbon bike, some Tri Speed Louis Garneau shoes and some Speedplay X2 pedals.

Before I go any further here’s a picture of my new rocket ship:


To get an idea of the “before” image like a Jenny Craig infomercial here’s my old chariot:


So yes, I used a mountain bike with some road slicks to do a duathlon last year but Continue reading

Facing East Again

Today is the first day that I’ve seen the sun rise in almost three months. Most workouts are done before the sun even thinks about showing its face.

I’ve been battling plantar fasciitis for the last three months. The initial phase of pain in the morning is finally gone. It still gets sore but it feels like a sore worked muscle rather than the tearing/burning pain it use to be. I’ve only been biking on my trainer and swimming for the last 2.5 months. Very slowly I started to experience less pain. I’ve been rolling the bottom of my foot with a golf ball during the day, stretching the plantar tendon and calves several times per day and icing the foot once per day. A PT has been doing acupuncture with stimulation (electrodes) and some shock wave therapy.

Today is my first day back in the run game. Work out was 5 min EASY jog, 1 min walk, 5 reps. Felt good in the beginning, a little sore towards the end and as the day is going on no pain! Thursday another short jog then 7,1 on the weekend.

I actually thought my running days might be over but that probably isn’t the case.

Last week’s workout:
Rest and sleeping in.
Thursday 30 min fun ride on my trainer with my new Louis Garneau TT 8.8… Awesome
Saturday 30 min run/walk

Why do you train?

What am I chasing? What is it that I’m trying to do? Sure I have goals to complete a half ironman but what’s the bigger picture. Why do I REALLY do this? Why do you train? Have you ever asked yourself that question?

While on my Kinetic bike trainer the other day it came to me! I was watching Band if Brothers (crossroads episode) and it connected the dots for me. In the episode there were two officers briefing each other, walking along a railroad track that was within their friendly lines. A sentry yells out “HALT!” and before they could answer he opens fire on them killing one of the officers with friendly fire.

This scene outlined the importance of being well trained, disciplined and an importance to always know what’s going on. Mistakes aren’t just things we get scolded for they’re more than that. They’re what happens when Continue reading